The Keystone Corridor newsletter is published monthly, except every now and then when it isn't for whatever reason. You'll find news about the Division, minutes of the previous meeting, notes on railroad topics, articles written by members, a list of coming train shows and other events. Each newsletter will be archived here when the following month's newsletter is published. If you want your news while it's new, subscribe. If you wish, you can specify that your copy of the newsletter be delivered by e-mail. Tell Our Publisher or Our Treasurer when you're setting up your subscription.

The cost of printing and mailing paper editions of the newsletter is of concern, concern which increases with each increase in the price of consumables or postage. The possibility of exclusive electronic distribution periodically comes up and after some discussion, goes quiet. Points for such are: lower cost (no paper, ink, nor postage); quicker distribution. Points against are: some members of the division do not have a computer; printed copies are needed for the Kalmbach Library and to distribute to other divisions; as a publicity tool for potential members. It is not clear what will be decided, if indeed the matter is ever decided. Stay tuned.

Subscription Rate for the newsletter is $12 a year, due each January 1. If you start your subscription later in the year, Our Publisher or Our Treasurer can and will negotiate a pro-rata discount. Add $5 if you want a monthly Pike ad. Pike ads are now on the web site as well as in the newsletter. More bang for your bucks.

Make a check or money order payable to: DIVISION 11 MCR NMRA Inc.
Mail to: Bob McKay, 1267 Treasure Lake, Dubois PA 15801
OR, come to a meeting and hand him the money.

When this newsletter archive was established in mid 2010, we were fortunate to find several back issues of the Keystone Corridor from 2009 hidden in dark corners of Our Publisher's hard drive. The April and May 2009 issues as well as issues from 2008 and earlier appeared to be gone forever. In December 2013, Alan Morean found a collection of printed newsletters which he handed over to Our Historian. More recently, Paul Kurutz, Bob McKay, and Jake Wachob donated a pile of back issues which plugged several holes in The Morean Collection. Those hoards have now been processed by Our Historian and Our Webmaster to produce pdf files for inclusion here. There are still some issues missing, some of those scanned had defects, but nearly all the newsletters (subject to the one month after publication rule) are now on-line. Click on one of the front pages below to download and read that newsletter.

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